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Get blood test accuracy, without the pain. KETOSCAN Mini is an easy to use breath ketone analyser, ideal for those following a ketogenic diet.

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KETOSCAN Mini is the world’s first portable ketone analyser and a real-time fat burning monitor, allowing you test your ketone level with a simple exhale of breath. This pocket-sized ketone meter measures the concentration of ketones (acetone) in your exhaled breath, indicating when your body is burning fat and enabling you to perfect your food and exercise plan.

Key features

  • Non-invasive ketone testing
  • Portable – to take with you wherever you go
  • Hygienic – slide out the integrated mouthpiece, or connect a disposable mouthpiece
  • Sync your device with the KETOSCAN Mini app to see results instantly
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Accuracy 10% PPM (parts per million)

This easy to use ketone analyser is ideal for those following a ketogenic diet for weight loss, fitness and wellness or medical treatment.

KETOSCAN Mini measures ketone levels quickly and with great accuracy. Its highly accurate electrochemical cartridge detects ketones (acetone gas) in your breath and gives you a reading in PPM (parts per million). Readings are displayed clearly with bright dot matrix LEDs.

How to interpret results on the Ketoscan Mini

KETOSCAN Mini will display your ketone reading in PPM, giving you an indication of your level of ketosis. We recommend that you use the Ketoscan app to keep track of your readings and to view your ketosis level and fat burn rate. Below is a guide to interpret results, see all ketosis levels here.

  • 2.0 – 3.9 – body fat is burning at an average rate of 2g per hour.
  • 4.0 – 9.9 – body fat is burning at an average rate of 5g per hour.
  • 10 – 39 – body fat is burning at an average rate of 10g per hour – do not maintain this level in the long term.
  • 40 – 60 – body fat is burning too fast and you could enter a ketoacidosis state, seek medical help.
  • 60 or above – this indicates a ketoacidosis state and poses serious risk to your health.

In a study by Vienna University to determine the accuracy of body fat loss velocity by acetone concentration, results showed that the body fat loss tested by KETOSCAN Mini and the actual body fat loss (g/hour) are relatively consistent. View the clinical trial report here.

What’s in the box?

Presented in a luxury gift box:

  • x1 Ketoscan Mini
  • x1 protective pouch
  • x1 USB charging cable
  • x5 Ketoscan mouthpieces
  • x1 User Manual

Ketoscan cartridge change

To maintain high levels of accuracy, KETOSCAN Mini requires a new electrochemical cartridge every 300 tests. You will receive a warning message when your device has conducted 300 tests. Please note that if a new cartridge is not fitted before 320 tests, your device will stop working. Buy a cartridge change service here.

Customer Reviews

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Great device. Seems quite accurate

Easy, non-invasive measurement of rate of fat burning

The Ketoscan Mini is very easy, non-invasive method of testing keytone production. It requires you to breath into the attached tube for just 3 seconds. The app is ok but it’s basic with no bells and whistles.

Carmen Aly Da Silva
I like it

Interesting 🤩

Thank for your review and photos. We're pleased to hear you like Ketoscan Mini.