Outstanding levels of precision and durability; next generation ketone analysers.

With unrivalled breath sensor technology cumulating from 10 years of research, KETOSCAN offers precise ketone measurement with its highly accurate electrochemical cartridge, detecting ketones (acetone gas) in your breath and giving an instant test result in ppm (parts per million).

the world’s first cartridge-based portable ketone analysers

A convenient way to test your ketone level anywhere, anytime. Blow into KETOSCAN just like a breathalyser.

Instant test results; displayed clearly on the device’s LED screen. Clear, accurate ketone testing every time.

The unique electrochemical cartridge is replaceable after 300 tests, to give you continued accuracy and peace of mind.

KETOSCAN mini vs lite

What’s the difference?

KETOSCAN Mini is the original cartridge-based, portable ketone analyser, with bluetooth connectivity to the Ketoscan app, and an ultra precise electrochemical sensor.

KETOSCAN Lite uses the same breathalyser technology in a standalone device, for convenient and accurate testing without the bells and whistles.

Both devices are FCC, CE and FDA certified.

ketoscan apps

Both KETOSCAN Mini and KETOSCAN Lite are easy to use on their own, but even better when used with their companion app.

For KETOSCAN Mini, use the Ketoscan app to guide you through set-up and display your breath test result instantly. See all your ketone (acetone) readings in PPM, monitor your changing ketosis level and fat burn rate – all in one place. You can also upload photos and notes to track what you’re eating – and see how it affects your level of ketosis.

For KETOSCAN Lite, input your results manually into the Ketoscan Lite log-book app.


How accurate is KETOSCAN?

The relationship between blood acetone concentration and acetone concentration in the breath is 1:1 – therefore KETOSCAN can precisely measure blood acetone concentration.

Ketoscan’s manufacturer, Sentech, uses respiration gas analysis technology derived from 20 years’ experience as a global leader in breathalyser technology, to guarantee the precision of KETOSCAN. Ketoscan is a global product with USA FDA certification for safe use and European CE approval.

What is the replaceable electrochemical cartridge?

To measure ketones in your breath, KETOSCAN needs to detect acetone in extremely low concentrations. To do this, KETOSCAN uses a highly accurate electrochemical cartridge to give you a reading in PPM (parts per million). The sensor inside the replaceable cartridge is very sensitive and when used frequently, it is inevitably contaminated by particles in the breath.

After 300 tests, KETOSCAN will display a message recommending a cartridge change to guarantee continued accuracy. In the UK, you can book a cartridge change service with AlcoDigital, who will replace the electrochemical cartridge, recalibrate and check your device, before returning it to you.

Please note that after 300 tests, your KETOSCAN will not allow you to conduct any further use without a cartridge change.

What is self-diagnosis?

KETOSCAN uses a self-diagnosis function, which is a patented technology. If the device is not used for a while and left alone, even for a short period of time, gas around the house gets inside the equipment, changing the zero-point (base line) of the sensor which may influence the measurement. KETOSCAN has patented technology that can self-check the equipment status during the measurement preparation stage. If it decides that zero-point is incorrect, it does not show the measurement after blowing by the user but uses respiration gas of the user for zero-point adjustment and requires the measurement again. Self-diagnosis operates automatically according to the situation, so even if it occurs frequently, it is not that the function is degraded but it is for more precise measurement, so you don’t have to worry.