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KETOSCAN Mini Reviews

I love it! Why, because it has made me completely change the way I was doing keto. Would I recommend this device, yes 100%, I can't imagine not having one.
@frenchketoprincess via Instagram
I have been on a low carb/ Keto diet for 6 months. I recently discovered this tool. I really wish I had this when I first started because it takes all the guess work out. No more wondering if I'm in Ketosis or not. So simple to use, just breathe into the device and you get a reading. I recommend thi...
Basking in Motherhood
I love this little device. It’s accurate and easy to use. I no longer have to pee on little plastic strips or painfully prick my finger for blood. I can check my ketones discreetly and more importantly sanitarily while on the road. No more carrying around test strips and needles or finding a place...
Tony Ruse
I really appreciate this device! It is very easy to use and well made and is not a throw away item that i can rely upon to help me know my daily progress in eating correctly on my keto journey. I consider this device a very worthwhile investment that helps me stay on track . Thank you KETOSCAN! review
For the past few weeks, I've been testing this keto breath tester and comparing it to a few others and to a blood test. This is the only breath tester that has any direct correlation to the baseline blood testing.
Tara\'s Keto Kitchen
For a new product, this is a good achievement, and you can use it successfully to measure your ketone levels and record these in the smartphone app. review